Friday, November 03, 2006

A Trip to the Market

Today Meghan and I walked to the supermarket early. It is better to go early because the sun isn't directly overhead, and there is a bit of shade on one side of the street. If you go around noon, the sun is directly overhead and the trees cannot offer any shade. Even though it was only 9am, it was already 30 degrees. We agreed to take a motoconch ride back to the villa once we had our groceries.
At the supermarket, we stocked up on some food - a can of beans, chips & salsa, matches to light the gas stove in the apartment, laundry soap, to wash our clothes in the sink, and a candle that smells like coconut, and is made in a half coconut shell. It smells delicious! We also bought a few vegetables. Check out the size of the carrots! Meghan and I stared laughing when we saw the carrots, they were all so fat and stubby, they reminded us of...something else. We couldn't stop laughing. The staff at the market must have thought we were loco.
And, as planned, we rode a motoconche home. It took 4 minutes, as opposed to a 20 minute walk. A motoconch is basically a taxi, but on a motorcycle. It is easy to catch a ride, the motoconches are everywhere, and they are cheap. Helmets are unheard of here. People ride on motos with infants, and think nothing of it. Sometimes there are four people on one motoconch! But we were only three, the driver, Meghan, and myself...holding our bags of groceries. I have been on motorcycles here, of friends, but this was my first motoconch ride. It was fun. We gave the driver a good tip.


Anonymous said...


Those are huge wonder why they reminded you of ^%$@!(&^% !!
Just make sure you wash them first...

I love your blog, keep it up.


BTW, who is Meghan?

Jen said...

Is that a carrot in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Great post :)

Janet said...

Hee hee, yeah, those carrots were cute. They were yummy too! Don't worry, we peeled them first...

Sorry, I didn't realize I hadn't mentioned Meghan yet. She is an American girl I met last time I was here, she was living here in the DR, and played a major part in letting me know what life was REALLY like here. She is living with me right now in the villa, keeping me company, and out of trouble!