Sunday, November 15, 2009

Darkness and Light

Sometimes life takes us in a direction we do not want to go.  Backwards.  In fact, it probably happens more often than any of us would like.  And when we feel this shift where we start heading in the wrong direction, we see our goals and dreams slipping away from our grasp.  We can actually feel them disappearing.  The momentum builds as we pile additional burdens on our shoulders, like negative feelings, dispair, and helplessness. 

The burdnen or obstacle soon becomes not just a thing, but a place.  A dark and lonely place.  We dwell on the darkeness that is approaching.  It is all we think about. It consumes us. Suddenly we are not just slowly creeping backwards, but running downhill, backwards, at full force into blackness with our eyes closed tight, knowing that we are losing our way, but unable to focus on anything else.

We get lost. 

We fall.

But we created this place, and we must find the way out.

And we must learn that when darkness appraches, we must face whatever comes our way and be strong. 
We must open our eyes.

For if we do not open our eyes, how will we see the light that will guide us through our darkest hours?

Thursday, June 25, 2009


The untimely death of legendary superstar Michael Jackson has prompted me to return.  It doesn't seem right to mention it on my other blog, but I feel like I have to say something.  No, I didn't know him, never met him or anything like that.  But I am sorry to hear that the King of Pop is no more.  The entire world is in mourning over such a great loss.

Another Hollywood star Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with cancer this morning.  I can relate to her passing a little more because my own mother lost her life to cancer.  Ed McMahon died the other day.  My highschool prom date was killed in a motorcycle accident last week.  I haven't seen him in years but I was deeply saddened to learn of his death.  A few months ago a good friend of mine lost thier unborn child.  All of this senseless tragedy is suffocating.

Sometimes it is difficult to look on the bright side, even on a good day.  So many things are taken for granted, and it takes something so cruel and incomprehensible to jolt us into reality.  WAKE UP!  Live for the moment.  Cherish the time you spend with loved ones.  In just an instant it can all be taken away and can never be given back.  

Go and find someone to hug right now. Tell someone you love them.  May we all find peace and happiness before it is too late.