Saturday, November 18, 2006

Those Rainy Days

It seems as though it is raining everywhere in the world today. Here, in the Dominican Republic the thunder was so loud, it sounded like it was created right above my house. This is what it looked like in the afternoon here, as I sat with my friend Meghan, eating lunch on our front porch.
There is water dripping from the light fixture in the kitchen. I put a garbage can under it, which is now half full of rusty water. That leak has been present since I moved in here. It's like an old friend. I have reported it several times, and it was fixed for almost a week...but I think the reason it was fixed was due to the fact that it didn't rain for a week.
Now, we have a new leak that started today. In the bedroom. It is in the corner, coming out of the air conditioner. This leak is not an old friend. But it wants to be. I cannot report the problem to the office tomorrow because it is Domingo. Everything is closed on Domingo. And so, we will all live together for a few more days. I hope the leaks keep to themselves and do not invite any more friends over.


Mark said...

Excellent posts as usual :)

Gotta ask...what is Domingo?? Must be something to do with Sundays??


Janet said...

Thanks Mark :) And you are right, Domingo is Sunday.

Anonymous said...

well everything seems to be what you wanted I am so glad you are having a wonderful time. Oh yah! you look amazing! Erin