Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Luna Llena (Full Moon)

The full moon fiesta appears to be a thing of the past. Just a few months ago, it was celebrated. But now, the president has passed new laws prohibiting late night alcohol sales, and the police force is out at night shutting down the discos at midnight, or one o'clock. They say this was done in an attempt to lower crime, and make the streets safer at night. And so, the fiesta is no more...There may be other reasons, but this is what I think has happened.
But we didn't let that stop us on Sunday night. Meghan and I went to a place near our apartment where you can drink, and dance, and talk. The building had no walls, a thatched roof, and a cement slab for a floor, with young Dominican men dancing to Bachata and Merengue music. A few wicker chairs and wooden tables were the only furniture. The bar had a fridge full of cold beer. What else could it need? It was perfect.


Mark said...

The laws down there are almost as draconic as Vancouver bylaws.

Also that building you and Meghan went to sounds like our old office building!!


Anonymous said...

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