Monday, October 30, 2006

Upcoming Fiestas

Here in the Dominican Republic they do not observe daylight savings. The time here is now four hours ahead of Vancouver, British Columbia. They also don't celebrate Hallowe'en, but in honour of all of the tourists who do, there is a fiesta tomorrow night. No trick-or-treating, but that's ok with me. Some people here can barely afford to eat, so to think of them buying a bunch of candy to just give away seems out of place. Besides, the chocolate would melt before you even got it in your hands. Next week there will be something they do here that is part of the Dominican culture. Whenever there is a full moon, they have a big fiesta. There is a disco here on the beach called Jellyfish, where the dance floor is the beach, and there are lights hanging in the palm trees. They say that is the place to go for the full moon fiesta. I think I'll need to check it out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janet:

Nice pic, looks you are getting some sun!! Those glasses you are wearing are huge :) Did you get to watch PB last night? It was so good...I won't spoil the story line for you though.

I will send you an email tonight or tomorrow am.

Take care,

Janet said...

Haha, I call them my movie star sunglasses. I can't believe I haven't gotten burnt yet. Not even a little bit.

The FOX channel here doesn't show Prison least not on Monday's. I looked at the tv listings for the entire day and it wasn't there. Now that's two episodes I've missed! It's the only show I miss. I can do without CSI and Survivor, but it's killing me not to know what's up on PB.