Saturday, October 14, 2006

Moving Day

I'm "moving" into my new apartment here today. It's more like a private villa - with its own beach, swimming pool, shops, and security. It's still in the village of El Cortecito, which is where I've been staying in a hotel since I arrived.

The weather here is very humid today because it rained last night and this morning, and it's still cloudy. That's fine with me because I spent ALL day in the sun yesterday. I'm not burnt, but if I went out in the sun today I probably would be. I don't think I've ever been this tanned in my whole life! I heard on CNN that it's snowing up north?!?! I can't say that I miss that (yet).

Well, I guess that's it for now. Bye everybody!



Anonymous said...

Hey Janet! So happy to hear everything is going great! All is well here and no we do not have snow. Actually quit beautiful in the day. I move out nov 1st. well take care miss you lots. Erin

Anonymous said...

Hi Pink:

How is the new crib? It sound slike a good place you have there....private beach, pool. It kind of makes me weepy for the old country and the gorgeous and expansive family estate...ok it was more like a rat shack in a mud field but you get the idea.

Do they allow nude swimming on the beach there? If so, I will be there in heartbeat :-)

You are not mssing much up here weather wise, it is the usual rainy and dreary fall day here.

We are missing so take care and send some pics soon. Do you have my home email address still?


Melissa said...

Hey lady!!! Sounds pretty awesome! You found a place fast!
Sure miss you!!!