Sunday, October 22, 2006

i'm going to have to figure out how to show you all some pictures soon. I've been taking LOTS. And little video clips every now and then. Today is Domingo (Sunday). So alot of the stores, banks and so forth are closed. There are lots of families on the beaches today, and young (hot) men. I saw three guys swimming FULLY CLOTHED today. I can understand not having a bathing suit, but can't you just swim in your underwear? Do you really need to wear your shirt AND pants? I wasn't about to ask them why though.
I bought some dominican music today, it only costs $3.00 for a cd here. A guy was strolling along the beach with a big backpack full of cd's. I've made friends with some guys who work in those shops where you have to bargain for anything and everything, so I've gotten pretty good at knowing how much things are supposed to be. There's dominican prices and tourist prices for everything. I think I end up getting somewhere in between. Not bad for less than 3 weeks of being here though, right?

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