Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I`m still here!

Sorry I haven`t written much lately. I`m sure you`ve all heard enough about the weather here and all that. Here`s something that I see every day here - but definately not at home. The gas stations: people leave their cars RUNNING while they fill up with gas. I asked my friend to turn off his car and he thought I was crazy?!?! And half of the time the gas stations have no gas, so you will see a bunch of guys standing at the corner with 2 litre pop bottles and milk jugs full of gas, and they are more than willing to sell it to you, for thier price. Unfortunately, it isn`t always just gas in there so you have to be careful.




Anonymous said...

Hey there Jan.
Glad you're enjoying life in your new world. Must be a blast.
We're just plugging away at trying to get it together to move up north. Take care of yourself. Thinking (and talking) about you lots ;)

Janet said...

can´t wait to see your place when I come back in December!


Anonymous said...

Hey Pink:

Didn't you ever see Myth Busters where Adam and Jmaie tried blowing things up with gas based on the myth of static electricity or a spark causing a fire while filling up a car at a gas station? They could not get it to work under normal conditions so you should not be worried...besides we want you back here unscathed and in one piece!

Take Care,