Monday, October 09, 2006

Estoy Aqui!

I am here! OMG the weather here is insanely hot. 31 or 32 degrees all day long, every day. I went for a nice 2 hour stroll down the beach yesterday. There's quite a few tiendas (shops) along the beach, usualy between resorts, and of course everybody wants you to look in thier shop, and buy something. But every shop is exactly the same, and it gets a little repetitive...I managed to get away without buing anything - except some water. After the first hour of walking in the blazing hot sun, I was so parched! I walked into a little cafe called "Coco Loco" and grabbed 2 bottles of water out of the cooler. They were $1.00 each, but the smallest bill I had was a $5. So the lady took my 5 and said "no change". Riiight. So I said to her "Bueno, entonces quiero cinco aguas" (fine, then I want 5 waters) and I tossed three more bottles into my beach bag, which was already full of a towel, magazine, sun screen, purse, and the 2 waters I just suddenly became EXTREMELY heavy. The others in the cafe were laughing, I'm not entirely sure if it was at me or with me.

The resort is very nice, there are lots of palm trees, and some wild kittys that hang around the restaurant in the evening. I fed them some fish last night, they are soooo cute. One of them is a little kitten that reminds me of my own cat.

Tomorrow I'm off to Boca Chica with a friend I met last time I was here. It's totally different when you see things as the locals do, rather than as a tourist. For instance, last night we went to what I guess is a bar, but it was not like any bar I've ever seen. There were no walls, and people sit on whatever they can find - milk crates, boxes...there was a man with a pickup truck full of pineapples, and one of the people i was with bought me one. I've never had such fresh pineapple in all my life. It was amazing. And when in your life will you ever see a huge-a$$ pineapple for $2.00?!?! And everyone was walking around with roosters - live ones - in thier hands. Ummm they had a little shack next to the bar where you can go and buy a rooster and then there is an arena beside it where you place bets on your rooster and they fight until the death. It's so sad!!!!!

Well, I guess that's it for now. Hope you are all doing well. I'm really loving it here so far.



Anonymous said...

Hey Pink!

Glad you are enjoying yourself down there...I am so jealous of you being there and me being here...!

Have fun and take care!

PS. No Prison break this week..bummer.

Janet said...

I'm sure I'll miss a bunch of episodes...but that's life. Say hi to everyone for me!