Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where is Paradise?

We've been away from our little island paradise for a month now.  The warm, lazy sea breeze and sandy beaches have been replaced by crisp, foggy mornings and concrete sidewalks with red and golden leaves swirling lazily in puddles of rain water.
I have finally come to realize that Paradise doesn't have to be just one physical location.  It can be anywhere  that the mind, body and soul are in harmonious symphony.  I am there when I feel the grains of white sand in my fingertips and taste the salt of the turquoise sea.  I am also there when I am holding Naimah's soft chubby hand as we sit on a wooden bench at the park, watching the ducks bob their little heads in the pond in search of a snack.  Physically, those locations are 5929 kilometres apart, but somehow they take my spirit to the same place...Paradise.

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