Friday, August 15, 2008


The National Hurrican Center is monitoring a possible tropical storm heading this way.  Last night there was thunder and lightning, which would not have disturbed my sleep too much except that the neighbor's car alarm kept going off.  When it finally finished several minutes of honking and sirens, it started all over again.  This happened several times during the night.  I wonder if the neighbor took some kind of secret pleasure in keeping us all awake.  Surely he could not have slept through all that noise.
We woke up to intermittent electricity and heavy rain.  I walked with Naimah to the plaza, an ordeal in and of itself.  Firstly, the only shoes I brought are flip-flops, which do not work well when wet.  Secondly, the street was flooded in several areas, which forced me to walk in the middle of the road carrying Naimah and my computer.  The drivers in both directions were quite curteous though, passing us slowly and allowing us as much room as possible.
Now we are sitting at a cozy restaurant in the plaza, having salad and fries, and finally catching up on emails and blogs. Naimah is having a nap, and I finally have a few minutes to myself.  Ahhh, peace in paradise...

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