Tuesday, December 04, 2007

9 sunsets from a different shore

Well, it's not the Caribbean, but I finally got that photo of a tropical sunset that I have been longing for. Hawai'i is such a beautiful place, I am so glad I took the chance to go there for a little vacation before winter sets in and turns my beach bunny into a snow bunny.

I got some really great abstract photos to add to my collection, and I'm still waiting to see how my underwater photos turned out. There was a big turtle within ams reach that I hope I got at least one good picture of.

We spent 9 days in O'ahu, and for half of it we rented a car and explored as much of the island as we could. It is amazing what you find when you leave the tourist spots behind and make your way over to the places that the locals go. There are some really cute surfer villages on the north side of the island. And to my surprise, lots of organic and vegetarian foods. I tried something new at a sushi restaurant: fermented soybean rolls. Those didn't make it very far before they came right back up...but at least I tried them and I can laugh about it now. Or am I gagging?
I would love to go and see another Hawai'ian island one day, but I'm pretty sure I'll end up back in the Caribbean again before that happens. But then again, you just never know...


Moi! said...

Hi. I came across your blog in another blog. I find this so moving.... Im wondering why you've stopped blogging abt where you live? Did you move?

Janet said...

I moved to Vancouver, British Columbia to have my baby, and I do have another blog that I write in fairly frequently.

I get to such a deep calm level of understanding myself and my surroundings when I am in the Caribbean, and I am inspired by so many things when I travel. There are a lot of distractions in the "civilized world", and (although I try really hard) I can't hear myself think. I'm glad you like my blog :) I'm heading back to the Dominican Republic this summer and I will definitly have more to post about.