Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Grocery shopping is for gringos.

It's simple: If you want fruit, you go to the fruit stand. Or, if you're lucky you can catch the guy who loaded up his pickup truck full of bananas or mangoes this morning. If you want meat, you go to The Butcher Shop. There are many to chose from in the village of Otra Bonda. Every other shop has raw meat strung up in front, baking in the sun. I asked someone once, "What about flies? What about food poisoning?" These questions were quickly dismissed with a shrug. Gringos worry too much and make everything complicated. Just eat it.
Sure, just eat it...
How about an empa├▒ada? See the 2 people standing with the tray of pastries? Go ahead, gringo..try one...if you're lucky you will keep your stomach intact.

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