Friday, June 08, 2007


One of my favorite places to hang out. On the beach they have canvas covered futon beds, where you can lay down and sip your piña colada while watching the boats in the water. There are two parrots that live in Jellyfish, they whistle at you as you walk by, and if you're lucky, they will talk to you. There is no rush here, to make you eat and drink fast, and shove you out the door with the check. No matter how busy it is. The waiter is there when you need him, and gone when you don't. I spent five hours here with my friends yesterday, just hanging out...listening to their funky european club music, swimming, talking, sunbathing, eating, drinking, was a perfect day.


Michele said...

WOW!! That is one jellyfish I could lay under all day. It's no wonder you want to live in the Dominican with all the amazing and beautiful places to go.
Take care and see you soon Janet

Hugs & Luvs

Jen said...