Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I've been shot...

in BOTH arms! Yep, I got my vaccinations today. 2 shots in one arm, and the 3rd shot in the other. Tetanus, Hep A & B...and I also got a prescription for malaria and something else.
It was an interesting experience. First I had to fill out a questionnaire about previous vaccinations, allergies and stuff like that. Yeah, like I remember any of them. (The only one I'm sure of was the tetanus shot in grade 9). Next they give me what looks like a shopping list of vaccinations and the prices. Silly me, thinking that this was covered under my medical plan! Check this out; you have to pay to prevent getting certain diseases...but if you don't get vaccinated, and come back from your vacation with...say...typhoid, you don't pay for your medical expenses. I don't get it. Anyways, the nurse told me which ones I need to get, she explained what all the sympotoms of the diseases were, and then she explained the possible side effects of the vaccinations. It was all very thorough.
Not suprisingly, it didn't hurt at all. I guess when comparing it to getting pierced and tattooed, this was a piece of cake. I'm glad I don't have a fear of needles though, otherwise this might not have been so pleasant. They jabbed the needle straight into the muscle! The arm they did 2 shots in is a little stiff now. The nurse told me this would happen, and that if I keep it still, it will end up hurting for a week. So even though it's uncomfortable, I have to keep moving it. It's not bad though, it feels like when-you-have-a-good-workout-at-the-gym-and-you're-sore-the-next-day...I have to go again at the end of the month to get 3 more shots.
I tried not to think about all the animals that suffered in the lab just so I can get these shots, but I can't help it. It's the opposite of the vegan lifestyle I try to live. But sometimes you have to make a choice, even if it's the wrong one.

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